Alaska Range Outdoor Gear hunting packs and accessories designed by Alaskans to withstand the extremes of Alaska!

About Alaska Range Outdoor Gear

Sitka Blacktail Deer


Alaska Range Outdoor Gear is an Alaskan company based in Homer Alaska. Owners Garrison Harris and Ron McAlpin are avid outdoorsman with years of hunting exeriences.

Our mission is to provide functional gear for the extreme conditions of the outdoor world ... the kind of gear we would want to own and use! Our equipment is designed and field tested in consultation with other Alaska outdoorsmen and guides. We believe in our gear ... and you will too!

Product Warranty

All Alaska Range Outdoor Gear products are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for five years. Material and workmanship includes the sewing of fabric and the frame and its structural integrity (e.g. welding, assembly), but we do not warrant the aluminum frame or any part thereof against bending or damage from improper use.

Our field testing shows that the frames will not bend unless they are abused. Usage of the pack should be in accordance with the following. Loads up to 150 pounds are commonly carried. As long as the frames are not dropped when loaded, the frames will take the loads. Torn material can be repaired by Alaska Range Outdoor Gear at the owner's expense, including shipping.


In late April 2006, I had the opportunity to field test a newly designed backpack being produced by Alaska Range Outdoor Gear. The occasion was a brown bear hunt on Kodiak Island, Alaska. The pack was their new Sheep Hunter model. During the ten-day hunt, we experienced every kind of weather condition like only Kodiak can produce. I found the pack to be extremely well designed with convenient compartments, strong construction and great water resistance (and snow and hail). Those things you expect in any quality pack. However, there were several features I found particularly noteworthy.

The frame design includes a fixed metal shelf under the bag that contributes to great strength for carrying heavy loads and allows the pack to stand on end. This feature allows the hunter to use the pack as a backrest when sitting on the ground during long periods of glassing for game. Sitting on a ground pad, leaning back with arms slipped into the shoulder straps provided a very comfortable position, especially when situated to also serve as a windbreak.

Another excellent feature was the quick-connect mounting system on the top of the frame that allows use of the pack as a steady base for a spotting scope. This totally eliminated the need for a tripod and was much quicker to set up and break down.

Even with these great features, if a pack doesn't carry a load well, it isn't worth having. I found this pack to not only carry a load well, but the associated harness system was comfortable, easy to adjust and kept the weight snug to the body with the majority of the weight transferred efficiently to the hips where it belongs. This pack is way better than the one I have carried for years all over Alaska.

The only thing that would make this pack any better would be if it came with someone to carry it for you.

Lorran Skinner
Life-long Alaskan

Just a brief note to say that the Day Pack arrived today and is great!

I prolonged my lunch hour today and loaded it with a 50 lb sack of sand (more than I'd normally carry on a day hike, but there are a pile of them laying around from one of my wife's "little projects", and I thought it'd be a good test of the pack) and humped up and down the back hill with it. The pack fits right and rides comfortably and quietly. Good range of adjustment on the shoulder straps and waist belt, and a nice arrangement of exterior pockets and attachments. For functionality, it's miles ahead of the (Brand-X) day pack that it's replacing.

Overall, the thoughtfulness of design and quality of construction exceed my expectations. I'm now looking forward to loading something more fun than sand in it.

Thanks for the great product and service!

Shaun Pond

I couldn't have carried that caribou, out without that pack. My pack is the sheep hunter now caribou hunter, and it held up to everything I threw at it and could have done more.

A lot of hunters compliment me on it. They obviously know quality when they see it. I know I sound like a commercial, but I won't go on another hunt without this pack.

Thank You for a great product!